The Problem & Solution



People can find out more about their dog sitter from online mobile apps than they do about the man or woman they go out with from an online dating site.  


  1. There are no credible resources for people to verify who they are on a date with.

  2. Dating sites are boasting that they are “verifying their users”; however, they are only verifying the person LOOKS like their photo or that they use Facebook.  They are NOT verifying their name against any form of government identification.  

  3. Sites that allow users to run background searches are expensive. You have to know the person’s real name and other information to find accurate information.  The information displayed doesn’t necessarily help you make any decisions on whether you want to date the person or not.

  4. Other sites are allowing people to post anonymously without any fact to back up their claims.  In addition, the information once placed on the internet will not come off no matter if it’s true or not.

  5. There are people who are dating in multiple states with multiple as restraining, dating and stalking orders, etc. and no way for a person to know prior to going out with them.

  6. Civil crimes or lawsuits would not show on any background search.

  7. Many states and counties do not share information when it comes to restraining orders, stalking, dating or domestic violence, etc.

  8. Law enforcement does not have the resources to effectively address the magnitude of this issue.




  1. Create a FREE database where men and women can anonymously upload “facts” about people they meet.  A “CARF@X” report but for people.

  2. Our site will not allow commentary- only verifiable facts such as police reports, restraining orders, convictions, etc.  It’s about education, not vindication.  While the user creating the profile may be anonymous, our site will verify their identity using the latest technology to hopefully deter false accusations and documents.  Cooperation with law enforcement will be an absolute.

  3. Men and women can “self-verify” on our site prior to online dating. By creating their own profile and letting You’re a Match verify their identity- NOT just that they match their online photos, they can add credibility to their dating profile and give their potential dates peace of mind.

  4. The site will be a user interface website and feature a mobile application.

  5. Using the latest technology, our web and mobile applications we can build powerful data base preventing these people to move virtually undetected from state-to-state committing civil and criminal crimes.

  6. Men and women who have “Me Too” or Romance Scam stories can upload their documents to back their claims and finally get the closure they’ve been looking for.

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