Company Information

Company Mission Statement

Our Motto is:  “Just the Facts”

By creating a web application that combines technology and user input to create a single digital identity, You're a Match, Inc believes we can save lives, make dating safe and fun, forge systemic change in how individuals converse and interact with each other.


     Company Philosophy       

What We Value​

  1. Purpose:  Our purpose is centered around “doing the right thing all of the time”.  All else falls in line.

  2. Knowledge:  We believe knowledge is power.  The more information we can provide to our users, the more knowledgeable and informed they will be.  The more knowledgeable and informed they are, the more likely they are to make better choices on who they allow into the most sacred parts of their lives.

  3. Systemic Change: We strive to be that out-of-the box business that will forever change and shape the conversations we have as individuals going forward.

  4. Respect We respect and value our people, our users, and our environment.  

  5. Social Responsibility:  We choose to be part of the solution to make critical public information available to everyone!

  6. Empowerment:  Our voices are our most powerful tool!

  7. Integrity We are committed to being the “Gold Standard” for online verification and information platforms, which combines technology and user input and uphold the highest standards of integrity in all of our actions.  


You're a Match, Inc's service is about education, not vindication.   


Business Model

You're a Match, Inc is not a nonprofit company.  Our advocacy mission is aimed at allowing everyone to have access to critical public information on protective orders, court documents, police reports, romance scams, depositions, transcripts etc.  The cost to upload profiles and documents will go towards the technology to make it easier to search profiles, such as facial recognition technology, document storage capacity, and verification tools.  

Survivors have a right to have their voices heard.  Instead of shaming them into submission by not talking about what happened, we continue to keep the issue of intimate partner violence a "dirty little secret".  You're a Match, Inc has found that by allowing Victims to own their story - they own their voice.  Their voice is the most powerful healing tool they have!

In addition, rather than relying on donations and grants, our "for profit" status will allow us the flexibility to fund the nonprofits near and dear to our hearts.  Our database will be free to search by anyone as it grows.  By approaching the topic of creating a National registery/database this way, You're a Match, Inc will not have to rely on grants and other government monies to bring this project to fruition.

Without a fairly robust database the site and mobile application won’t be successful.  We encourage survivors to upload their protective orders, photos, police reports, court records and transcripts, along with any other important information so others can make educated decisions about who they date and bring into their lives.

This is about accountability and connectivity.  As the database/registry grows, it will be the only place to get the most accurate records because Survivors are sharing their own documents.  A person may be using several different names but with the same picture.  Eventually, as our site evolves, each user uploads their documents (facts), technology such as facial recognition, etc. will bring up possible profiles matches that would have never been connected before.  You're a Match, Inc believe this service will be a powerful  game-changer for anyone who is actively dating.

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